Happy Clients

Our firm has used Aiken Welch almost exclusively for the past 30 years. AW is a highly professional, competent, friendly and responsive team of reporters and videographers. There has NEVER been a request or deadline that they could not meet. In this day of budget cuts when we are frequently asked to provide our own court reporters for court hearings, trials and arbitrations, we would never think of using another firm. Speaking for my partners and myself, we cannot recommend Aiken Welch highly enough.

Aiken Welch has consistently provided outstanding service. The reporters are skilled and diligent; turnaround time for roughs and final transcripts is extremely prompt even for large jobs. The reporters and staff are also very well organized, which is especially evident in multi-party cases with hundreds of exhibits and thousands of pages of documents; everything is readily and quickly accessible. Management and support staff are top-notch at arranging depositions and document reviews even on very short notice. Everyone responds to inquiries immediately and all are helpful in getting answers and finding solutions. From management to staff to reporters, the folks at Aiken Welch are professional, highly competent and manage to maintain a pleasant ambiance despite constant pressure from lawyers.

The reporters from Aiken Welch are polite, professional, punctual and reasonably priced. Most importantly, their transcripts are consistently accurate and promptly completed. The company offers modern state-of-the-art services. They are our 'go to' court reporters.