Video Production Department

Brittany Roemer, a Certified Deposition Videographer Specialist, heads up our videography department. We can produce a DVD, MPG-1, or MPG-2 of your deposition or hearing as well as text-sync the transcript to the video. We are happy to help assist you in determining the optimal format for the assignment.

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Video Formats
  • MPEG-1 FORMAT: This is the most common order. You can edit the video and skip to specific portions on the video; good for trial software.
  • MPEG-2 FORMAT: Regular DVD format. You can ONLY play the video and fast forward/ rewind. This is higher quality, but is only good for watching the whole deposition.
  • TEXT SYNC FORMAT: This format includes the TRANSCRIPT with the VIDEO. The transcript and video play side by side. As you play the video, the transcript highlights words as the deponent on camera speaks. You can take clips out of the program for trial presentation, highlight specific portions, do word searches, etc.
VidText – Your court reporter & video technician rolled into one!

The VidText recording platform enables a CSR to create admissible video recordings of deposition testimony while simultaneously reporting the proceedings!


Advantages of contracting an Aiken Welch VidText Certified Shorthand Reporter:

  • 50% cost savings off videographer pricing.
  • Text-synched media is included.
  • Admissible in court
  • Trained CSR/Video technicians on staff
  • Easy to schedule: Add a VidText technician with your CSR request